We call your attention to a special session on Ice Throughout the Solar System, for the Geological Society of America Meeting, to be held Oct. 19 – 22 in Vancouver. The abstract deadline is Tuesday, July 29. For more information, see:

Ice is ubiquitous throughout the solar system: it has been found in unexpected places, may be preserved for billions of years, and can behave like rock at outer solar system temperatures. We propose an interdisciplinary session on the science of ice in any form (not just water ice), on Earth or in any part of the solar system, including laboratory analyses, terrestrial field work, geomorphology, and planetary and telescopic data analysis. Submissions may include, but are not limited to, research into terrestrial permafrost and Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets, the Martian permafrost and polar caps, ice within the permanently shadowed regions of Mercury and the Moon, ice in planetary rings and plumes, outer solar system bodies including Europa, Enceladus, Triton, Titan and Pluto, and small bodies including comets and ice-rich asteroids such as Ceres.

Conveners: Bob Pappalardo and Louise Prockter