The Board of the 2014 Paolo Farinella Prize, composed by B. Bottke, F. Mignard, A. Rossi, D.J. Scheeres and G.B. Valsecchi, has unanimously awarded Prof. David Vokrouhlicky (Charles University, Prague, Czeck Republic) the Prize for 2014, on the topic “Non-Gravitational
Forces in the Solar System”.

A close collaborator and friend of Farinella, David shared Paolo’s interest in the dynamics of both artificial and natural celestial bodies exploiting an interdisciplinary approach to enrich both disciplines.

David and Paolo Farinella were the first to set forth a unified version of the Yarkovsky effect (the diurnal and seasonal brands) and to draw a bold conclusion at that time regarding the importance of this kind of radiation forces in the orbital evolution of asteroids. At that time when radiation forces were seen relevant only for dust particles, David and Paolo set a new paradigm by showing that these tiny forces could drive minor bodies into the internal region of the solar system and be responsible for triggering their capture into resonances.

The Prize will be delivered to Prof. Vokrouhlicky in a Special Prize Session during the 2014 EPSC in Cascais, Portugal (September 7-12, 2014).

[Edited for length]