Notice of Intent to Propose Due: October 15, 2014
Proposals Due: December 18, 2014

NASA has released the Announcement of Opportunity for each of the 3 following missions:

1. NNH14ZDA013O (Small Explorer AO)
2. NNH12ZDA006O-APEXMO2  (Amendment 9 to the SALMON-2 AO: Astrophysics Explorer Mission of Opportunity Solicitation)
3. NNH14ZDA001N-APEX USPI  (Amendment 33 to the ROSES-14 NRA: Astrophysics Explorer U.S. Participating Investigators)

The full text of the solicitations and all appendices will be available electronically at: http://nspires.nasaprs.com/

Pre-proposal conferences will be held in early October 2014. For details see: http://explorers.larc.nasa.gov/APSMEX

NASA expects to select up to three Astrophysics Small Explorer missions for Phase A studies, and down-select one to proceed into Phase B and subsequent mission phases. NASA expects to select up to three Astrophysics Explorer Missions of Opportunity for Phase A studies, and down-select one or two to proceed into Phase B and subsequent mission phases. If multiple selectable Missions of Opportunity are proposed with combined costs within the available funding, NASA may down-select more than one Mission of Opportunity investigation. NASA expects to select up to two USPI investigations.

Comments and questions may be addressed in writing or by E-mail to:

Dr. Wilton T. Sanders, NASA Headquarters
[email protected] 

(Email subject line should read “Explorer SMEX AO” or “Explorer MO PEA” or “APEX USPI” as appropriate.)

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