The Spitzer Space Telescope Cycle-11 proposal deadline is October 29

Both the NASA Astrophysics and Planetary Sciences Divisions are providing support for Spitzer operations. 

Priority in the selection of Cycle-11 will be given to programs that highlight:

  • Astro2010 science themes
  • Planetary science programs observing targets in our Solar System.
  • Investigations that concentrate on developing the scientific landscape that JWST will explore, or will help maximize the JWST scientific return.

In this cycle proposers are especially encouraged to consider compelling planetary science campaigns (long-term/multiple observations) that focus on the changing nature of solar system objects over time. Many of these objects are possible future mission targets as outlined in the most recent planetary decadal survey. Proposers should identify how these observations contribute to the body of scientific knowledge needed to help refine objectives for future missions and aid in the understanding of the origin or evolution of the targeted body. These major observing projects should be of lasting importance to the broad planetary community with the Spitzer observational data yielding a substantial and coherent database that can also be used by subsequent planetary researchers.   

All programmatic and technical information for Cycle-11 is available electronically from the Proposal Kit section of the Spitzer Science Center website at

Proposal Deadline:  29 October 2014, 4:00 PM PDT

If you have any questions or need advice on planning your solar system observations with Spitzer, please just contact our Helpdesk at [email protected]