Application deadline: December 15, 2014

Awards will be announced on or about December 31, 2014

This award is established by the Planetary Science Institute in memory of Senior Scientist Betty Pierazzo to support and encourage graduate students to build international collaborations and relationships in planetary science. Two awards will be made each year, contingent upon there being meritorious applications. One will be awarded to a graduate student working on his or her Ph.D. at an institution within the U.S. This is to support travel to a planetary science related meeting (conferences and workshops) outside of the U.S. The second award will be to a graduate student working on his or her Ph.D. at an institution outside of the U.S. This is to support travel to a planetary science related meeting within the U.S. These include general meetings that have planetary-focused sessions such as the AGU, GSA, EGU and IAG.

The award will consist of a certificate and up to $2000US.

Additional information and application materials are available at: