EGU 2015 Session PS2.3: Mars Science and Exploration

Dear Colleagues,

The abstract submission for the EGU General Assembly to be held 12-17 April 2015, in Vienna, Austria, is open until January 7. We would like to invite you to submit abstracts to our Mars session:

This session will address the latest results on the interior, surface, atmosphere and ionosphere of Mars from recent and ongoing Mars missions. In particular, the session is primarily targeted at:

(1) presentations on scientific investigations as well as theoretical models concerning the deep interior and subsurface structure and composition; the surface geology; the atmospheric composition, dynamics and climate; the ionospheric environment and its interaction with the solar wind; Phobos, water evolution, astrobiology and habitability of Mars;

(2) discussions on scientific goals, long-term plans and proposed experiments for future robotic and human missions to Mars, as well as results obtained from ground-based measurements. Both broad solicited talks and contributed presentations will be included in the program.

Following the passing of Professors Gerhard Neukum and Collin Pillinger in 2014, we decided to dedicate the session to them.

Hope to see you in Vienna!
With best regards,
Damien Loizeau, Olivier Witasse