Workshop on the Potential for Finding Life in a Europa Plume

Current Europa missions under study by NASA are focused on answering the question “Is Europa habitable?” However, the potential presence of water plumes on the satellite could present an opportunity to pursue the question “Is there life on Europa?” Answering this question is far more challenging because measurements currently possible may provide only ambiguous results from a mission that either orbits or flies by Europa at relatively high velocity. To that end, NASA’s Planetary Science Division is convening a workshop February 18, 2015
at NASA Ames Research Center to consider strategies to investigate Europa’s putative plumes for evidence of life.

A second announcement with further details and abstract submission instructions will be forthcoming by early January 2015. Although participation in person is encouraged, provision will be made for remote participation.

The workshop will be followed on Feb. 19-20 by a meeting of the Outer Planets Assessment Group that will also be held at the Ames Research Center.

Please check back at:
for workshop updates.