Please join us for the session on “Determining the Origin and Nature of Prebiotic Species in Comets” at the upcoming AbSciCon meeting this summer, June 15-19 in Chicago, Illinois. This session invites contributions from comet observations at all wavelengths, investigating the inventory and origin of cometary organics. Abstract submission is now open (closes March 4), and details, as well as a list of other session topics, are available at the AbSciCon website:

Theme: How to Build a Habitable Planet
Session Title: Determining the Origin and Nature of Prebiotic Species in Comets

Summary: Sublimated molecular ice, silicate dust, and solid-state carbonaceous materials are the major components of cometary comae that can be studied by space- and ground-based observations, as well as by rendezvous missions. Multiple organic molecules are now routinely detected, including ethylene glycol and formamide, as well as a number of unidentified lines in bright comets that suggest that other organic/prebiotic molecules may be present and detectable in comets. This session invites contributions from comet observations at all wavelengths, investigating the inventory and origin of cometary organics.


Stefanie Milam and Martin Cordiner