Forecasting needed for MEPAG Meeting

The organizers have just discovered that the MEPAG meeting has been designated as a conference, so forecasting is necessary. If you generally forecast your travel to conferences and intend to attend this meeting, please take action:

· If you are a JPLer or your travel will be paid through a JPL project — email Lindsay Hays ([email protected]) by COB Tues Feb 3, with subject line “MEPAG meeting” and your standard travel accounting information (e.g., if applicable: project/task number). JPL has been given a one-time waiver for late additions to this meeting. If you previously RSVPed to Carla de la Paz, your name has been added to the JPL list but we may still need your travel accounting information.

· If you are a NASA employee, please contact your institution’s travel coordinators about late addition to the NASA forecasting system. The NCTS# for this meeting is 21500-15.

The second announcement for this meeting has been posted at  We plan to post a draft agenda by the end of the week. This meeting is open to all members of the Mars science community, including international colleagues. Special topics for discussion at this meeting are:

• MEP status—hear from the new MEP Director on the present state and future of MEP
• Interaction with the Human program (HEOMD)
• NASA and ESA landing site selection activities
• Proposed revision of the MEPAG Goals document based on recent progress
• NASA and ESA landing site selection activities
• Recent scientific results from the Mars missions

Please forward this announcement to any colleagues who may attend (and usually have to forecast for conference travel), but who are not on the MEPAG mailing list.