Icarus Special Issue: MicroMars to MegaMars

Guest editors: N. Bridges, C. Dundas, and L. Edgar

Special issue description:

Whereas on Earth the study of geology evolved from one of field work to incorporation of remote sensing, that of Mars is the reverse, with orbital-based data only complemented by surface investigations from rovers in the last 10+ years. The merging of these datasets has yielded profound new understandings of the geologic history and modern processes on Mars. These include studies of mineralogy, stratigraphy, structural geology, surface dating, landscape modification rates, and many other research areas. This session seeks abstracts that incorporate data from surface (MSL, MER, etc.) and orbital (MRO, MEX, Odyssey, etc.) missions that have increased our understanding of Martian geology.

Deadlines we’d like to meet:

  • Manuscripts due: 4/1/15
  • Manuscripts reviewed and final decisions made: 6/1/15
  • Publication of special issue: 10/1/15

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