As you may be aware, forward planning for the Mars Exploration Program is guided in large part by the MEPAG Goals Document, a living document which prioritizes scientific investigations within major areas of scientific knowledge (Life, Climate, Geology, and Preparation for
Human Exploration).

The MEPAG Goals Committee has updated the Goals Document to reflect the current state of knowledge.

Although there are some portions of the document that are still undergoing active revision, the committee is soliciting your feedback on the current draft (2015 Review Version):

in advance of the discussion that will take place at the MEPAG face-to-face meeting in Pasadena later this month. Two files are posted – the main document (MEPAG%20Goals_Document_2015_v5.pdf) and a supplementary high-level summary (CombinedGoals_Feb4.pdf).

Please send your feedback to [email protected] by 20 February 2015.

Vicky Hamilton
Chair, MEPAG Goals Committee
[email protected]