Spitzer Science Center Releases Cycle-12 Call for Proposals

Dear Planetary Community,

On behalf of NASA and the Spitzer Space Telescope Project, the Spitzer Science Center (SSC) at Caltech is pleased to announce the release of the Cycle-12 Call for Proposals (CP). Both the NASA Astrophysics and the Planetary Science Divisions are providing support for Spitzer operations.  The Cycle-12 CP solicits ~1,000 hours of General Observer (GO) and Snapshot proposals. Innovative investigations with scientific high risk/gain are particularly encouraged. The Director plans to select up to 250 hours of high risk/gain programs.   

The maximum proposal size for Cycle-12 is 100 hours and Cycle-12 programs will execute in the December 2015 – September 2016 timeframe.

Priority in the selection of Cycle-12 will be given to programs that highlight
— Astro2010 science themes
— Planetary science programs observing targets in our Solar System.
— Investigations that concentrate on developing the scientific landscape that JWST will explore, or will help maximize the JWST scientific return.

All programmatic and technical information for Cycle-12 is available electronically from the Proposal Kit section of the Spitzer Science Center website at http://ssc.spitzer.caltech.edu/warmmission/propkit/

Joint HST or Chandra observations can be proposed as part of a Spitzer Cycle-12 proposal.

Proposal Deadline:  11 September 2015, 4:00 PM PDT

All proposals must be submitted electronically using Spot, the SSC proposal planning and submission software.  Spot is available from the SSC proposal kit website and a new version is expected to be available in late July. The required Cycle-12 proposal templates are available now at the Proposal Kit website.  The proposal submission system will open by August 1.

Any questions should be addressed to the Spitzer Helpdesk at [email protected]

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