New Custom Tool Lets You Experience ‘Pluto Time’

Just how dim is the sunlight on Pluto, some three billion miles away? While sunlight is much weaker than it is here on Earth, it isn’t as dark as you might expect. In fact, for just a moment during dawn and dusk each day, the illumination on Earth matches that of high noon on Pluto.

We call this “Pluto Time.” If you go outside at this time on a clear day, the world around you will be as dim as the surface of Pluto.

It’s always Pluto Time somewhere, and NASA wants to see your view, using a new interactive widget that provides the approximate time, based on your location. The tool also allows you to set reminders for upcoming Pluto Times.

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Experience ‘Pluto Time’ for yourself!

It's always #PlutoTime somewhere. Image credit: NASA.

It’s always #PlutoTime somewhere. Image credit: NASA.