SBAG announcements (Small Bodies Assessment Group (SBAG))

Dear SBAG community,

A few SBAG announcements:

Draft Findings from the SBAG 13 meeting

Thank you for a productive SBAG 13 meeting! A draft document with findings from the  meeting is now posted online and comments from the SBAG community are welcomed. Please provide any comments by July 27. Comments can be emailed to<> or any SBAG steering committee members.

SBAG Goals Document and Technology Roadmap

As presented at the SBAG 13 meeting, the SBAG Goals Document and  Technology Roadmap are currently in their first draft forms and are available on the SBAG website for community comments. Comments should be directed to the leads listed on the documents and are due by September 19, 2015. Please find some time in the next few months to review these short, high-level documents and provide feedback!

SBAG 15 Meeting Dates

We try to set dates for SBAG meetings about one year in advance. Discussions among the steering committee led to the suggested dates below for the SBAG 15 meeting, but we’d like to know if there are known issues or conflicts with these dates before finalizing them. Please email<> or any SBAG steering committee members if so.

SBAG 15 Meeting
June 28-June 30, 2016
Washington, DC

Best wishes,
Nancy Chabot
SBAG Chair