June 1-3, 2016, Nice, France

AIDA is a technology demonstration of the kinetic impactor concept. It is composed of the AIMĀ  (Asteroid Impact Mission) and the DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) spacecrafts, each under study at ESA and NASA, for target characterization (AIM) and impact (DART) in
2022. The combination of both spacecrafts is referred to as AIDA.

The workshop offers a forum for the community to keep abreast with the advances of the AIM and DART studies. As such these two concepts will be presented, in terms of design, payloads and objectives, followed by presentations and discussions related to the science and planetary defense aspects of AIDA. These will include the current knowledge of the Didymos binary Near-Earth asteroid, the target of AIDA, and a more general discussion on binary systems, regolith
characteristics and mechanics, internal structures of asteroids, impact observing strategies, additional science opportunities during an impact demonstration and associated payloads, impact modeling and momentum transfer of an artificial projectile, ejecta dynamics, etc.

Speakers will be solicited with ample time for discussions and working sessions.

More details will be provided in early 2016:


P. Michel, on behalf of the AIDA team

[Edited for length.]