The BoldlyGo Institute announces a request for Letters of Interest (LOI) from members of the astronomical sciences community to serve on the Requirements Team for the ASTRO-1 space telescope. The strawman concept for the ASTRO-1 space observatory is a 1.8-meter off-axis (unobscured) ultraviolet-visible telescope to be located in a Lagrange point or heliocentric orbit with instrumentation for wide-field, diffraction-limited panchromatic imaging, medium- and high-resolution spectroscopy, and high-contrast imaging. ASTRO-1 is intended for the post-Hubble Space Telescope era in the 2020s, addressing topics across space astronomy and Solar System science. Letters of Interest are sought from members of the astronomical community who wish to serve a one-year term on the ART optimizing the ASTRO-1 science case and observatory design and constructing a design reference mission. LOI format and content are described in the Call at the ART website at:

Letters should be submitted no later than 8:59pm EDT on October 2, 2015.

This process is open to all members of the astronomical community, including domestic and international institutions, regardless of career stage. The ART website includes a link to the ART Charter. Questions about ASTRO-1 or the application process can be sent to