JPL’s Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility (NAIF) Possible Opening

JPL’s Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility (NAIF) is contemplating hiring a new, permanent staff member. This is a bit of “blue sky” thinking at this point, as we do not currently have a commitment for the permanent funds needed. Nevertheless, one source has suggested that the needed funds might be obtainable, so NAIF should investigate finding a good candidate; thus this unofficial search is being made.

We are looking for someone who can fill multiple, quite different roles within NAIF.

• Development: conceive, design, implement, document and provide test code for “small,” single purpose APIs as well as for “large” subsystem API families.
• Mission operations: set up, operate and problem solve SPICE kernel production for NASA flight projects that hire NAIF to fill the SPICE operations role.
• Archive production: produce and validate high quality SPICE archives for delivery to the Planetary Data System, using the PDS4 archive standards. (This is really just one component of the Mission operations role.)
• User support: having obtained a broad understanding of the full SPICE domain, provide consultation and problem solving for SPICE users, and participate in the development of training materials and the teaching SPICE classes.

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