We invite you to publish your results in a second edition of the Planetary and Space Science special issue entitled “Solar Wind Interaction with the Terrestrial Planets.”
Covered topics will include all aspects of planetary plasma physics and interactions in the inner Solar System, e.g.:
(a) magnetospheres, ionospheres, auroras
(b) the solar wind interaction with planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth,
    Mars) and their moons, or with asteroids / comets
(c) plasma interactions with exospheres, dust and surfaces
(d) intercomparisons of planetary environments
Contributions are welcome that address previous, present, forthcoming and planned observations from space, and ground-based observations, theoretical modeling or simulations. Laboratory studies on planetary analogues aiming to simulate the surface-plasma
interaction will be considered as well.
The deadline for submission will be May 1, 2016. Regular papers are expected, and the usual refereeing process will be applied. Please inform us if a shifted deadline would be more convenient for you.
Please indicate your interest in contributing to the special issue, with a preliminary title of the intended paper, by October 30. An approximate abstract, if available, is appreciated.
Best regards,
A. Milillo, P. Garnier, A. Radioti, N. Ganushkina