Scientific Ballooning Technologies Workshop Announcement

We are pleased to announce a workshop dedicated to discussing technologies for scientific ballooning.

The Scientific Ballooning Technologies Workshop will be held in the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota/Twin Cities. The 2.5 day workshop will be held between May 9, and noon of May 11, 2016.

The workshop scope includes (but is not limited to) gondola design, experiment-wide data acquisition and control systems, attitude control systems, on-board control software both for the attitude control and for the entire experiment, on-board computer hardware, power systems, telemetry systems, and thermal design and control.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for all hands-on ballooning practitioners to discuss the technologies we are all using to carry out our scientific investigations.

More information about the workshop is available at (

We warmly welcome you to this workshop!

The Organizing Committee (Jessica Gaskin, Shaul Hanany, Eliot Young)