The Exobiology Branch of the Science Directorate at NASA Ames Research Center is seeking a Branch Chief. The incumbent is responsible for the technical and administrative functions of the Branch, including planning, coordinating, implementing, and performing research in exobiology, evolutionary biology, and astrobiology, as well as supervising Branch personnel.

To receive consideration, you must submit a resume to USAJOBS and answer NASA-specific questions:

The incumbent will serve as the Supervisor of the Exobiology Branch which includes providing occupational specific technical and administrative direction 50 percent of the time to three or more subordinate employees performing the work and functions of the organization; obtaining resources and identifying strategic objectives for the organization; defining jobs, selecting employees, and assigning work; defining technical work requirements and milestones; evaluating the organization and employee accomplishments.

The incumbent will perform research in the field of exobiology, specifically the nature, distribution, origin, and evolution of prebiotic molecular systems and protobiological processes, recognized as being unyielding to research analysis and that have been recognized as representing critical obstacles to any significant progress; determine the area of research and plan of attack in addressing priority agency issues.