Moon-session at the 26th Goldschmidt Conference

Dear Community,

We would like to make you aware of our Moon-session at the 26th Goldschmidt Conferences that will take place in Yokohama, Japan between the 26th June and 1st of July, 2016:

Session 2g underย

Lunar Evolution: Endogenous and Exogenous Processes

The Moon is a differentiated body composed of geochemically distinct crust, mantle, and core. Most current theories for lunar formation involve a giant impact into the proto-Earth and rapid accretion of material from a hot circumterrestrial disk, yielding a Moon with a global magma ocean that subsequently crystallized and differentiated over millions to hundreds of millions of years, while being exposed to the early Solar System bombardment. Disentangling the early Solar System bombardment contributions to the cooling magma ocean and mantle dynamics processes will enable a better understanding of the global and regional evolution of the crust and mantle structures mostly preserved to the present day. This session aims to combine lunar geochemistry, geophysics, thermodynamics, chronology and impact flux data, in order to enhance our understanding of heterogeneity in the lunar crust and mantle, the bulk composition of the Moon, as well as the crust and mantle morphologies associated with impact basins. The convergence of knowledge on endogenous and exogenous processes that shaped up the Moon can help us better understand the early processes of planetary differentiation and evolution in general.

Abstract submission will open on January 1st and end on February 26th.ย 

It will be great to see you all in Yokohama, and we wish you would be part of a great Moon-Session.ย  Please forward this message to whoever you think may be interested.

Wishing you all happy Festivities and a great 2016!

Best Regards,

Vera Assis Fernandes,
Katarina Miljkoviฤ‡
Stephanie Werner
Paul Tackley
Joshua Snape
Tomoko Arai