We cordially invite you to attend the 2016 face-to-face meeting of the Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG), scheduled for 2 days, February 1-2, 2016, at Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) Building 263 located at 1223 Martin Goland Avenue, San Antonio, TX 85721 near the East Gate.  Meetings will begin at 8:30 AM each day, and end by 5 PM on Feb 2.

Please register to attend in person at: http://icpi.nasaprs.com/opag2016

Key information and discussion topics will include:

* Developments in Outer Planets exploration since the summer 2015 OPAG meeting, including status of a new “ocean worlds” program, potential Europa mission augmentations, and New Frontiers Announcement of Opportunity.

* Overview of latest mission science planning and results:

New Horizons
Europa Mission

* Report from “Ocean Worlds” workshop

* Formulation of a Science Analysis Group study to explore ocean worlds

* Next Decadal Survey

* Ice Giants mission study progress report

* Department of Energy Pu238 production status

* Potential High Definition Space Telescope

* Poster presentations on CubeSats and technology

The meeting is open to all members of the planetary science community, including our international colleagues. If you want to present a CubeSat or Technology poster, please send title and authors to Pat Beauchamp, [email protected].  We will also broadcast the meeting via Adobe Connect for those who cannot attend in person.

We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!

Candice Hansen and Alfred McEwen, Current and incoming OPAG Chair