SBAG Digest, Vol 41, Issue 1

Dear SBAG Community,

I’m happy to share that the SBAG document, Goals and Objectives for the Exploration and Investigation of the Solar System’s Small Bodies, is now available for review and comment by the SBAG community. Thank you to everyone, especially the goals committee leads and members, for all the work over the last year to get us to this point!

Over the last year, the committees have worked to produce this document, with drafts posted to the SBAG website prior to the SBAG 13 meeting in June 2015, a three-month community comment and review period through September 2015, followed by revisions by the committees and creation of a single document in the last quarter of 2015. This complete document is now posted for further review and comments from the SBAG community, with all comments due by February 19, 2016. Comments should be directed to SBAG chair, Nancy Chabot ([email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>).

The timing of this comment period is purposely chosen to enable review of the document prior to the upcoming SBAG 14 meeting at the end of the month (January 27-29, 2016). The goals document will be discussed during the SBAG 14 meeting, and there is time following the meeting for additional comments.

As a reminder, please register for the SBAG 14 meeting if you plan to attend, and I look forward to a productive meeting in a few weeks.



Best wishes,

Nancy Chabot

SBAG Chair



Nancy L. Chabot

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

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