CNES HQ, Paris
Feb 10/11 2016

Participating space agencies of the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) have teamed with the COSPAR Panel for Exploration to organize a workshop on the scientific benefits from the ISECG Global Exploration Roadmap.

The GER provides insights into agencies’ exploration planning for potential future human exploration, post-ISS.

In preparation for next version of the GER, a Science White Paper has been in development that articulates and promotes the scientific opportunities of the proposed mission themes. The scientific content of the document has been prepared by representatives of the international scientific communities and has been openly discussed at a number of events.

The COSPAR/ISECG workshop participants will review and discuss appropriate overarching science themes for exploration of the lunar surface, a cislunar habitat, and asteroids, as well as the opportunities of early human-robotic missions. The recommendations of the workshop will directly feed into the ISECG Science White Paper and inform the development of the next version of the GER.

Workshop details can be found at:

If you would like to attend please contact Ben Bussey at
[email protected]