Please join us in Columbus at the 2016 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference. Planetary Science will be highlighted in our symposium, “From Angstrom to AU: Studies of Planet-Forming Materials.” The abstract deadline is February 8 (LPSC abstracts can be easily converted to the M&M format). Conference details can be found at: http://microscopy.org/MandM/2016

If you have any questions, please contact:
Eve Berger ([email protected]),
Adrian Brearley ([email protected]), or
Francis McCubbin ([email protected]).

Session P09: Micro- and nano-scale analyses of planetary materials (e.g., meteorites, IDPs, asteroidal and Lunar return samples, and experimental and terrestrial analogs) inform our understanding of our solar system’s history. With the development of new techniques
and novel implementations (EPMA, EELS, EDS, SIMS, FTIR, APT, EBSD, XCT, microscale geochronology, etc.) we further maximize the information gleaned from small-sample analyses. This meeting will report current research milestones gained through the use of these
techniques, both individually and as part of coordinated analyses of planetary materials.