Biosignature Preservation Conference: FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT


Biosignature Preservation and Detection First Announcement Now Available!

Biosignature Preservation and Detection in Mars Analog Environments
May 16–19, 2016
Lake Tahoe, Nevada

The Biosignature Preservation and Detection in Mars Analog Environments conference will be held May 16–19, 2016 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Our objective is to focus strategies to detect a range of possible biosignatures on Mars in different categories of geologic settings by assessing the attributes and preservation potential of various biosignatures in different Mars-analog habitable environments on Earth.  We are seeking a better understanding of three broad classes of ancient environments known to exist in the martian geologic record:  (1) lacustrine and deltaic sediments; (2) near-surface chemical sediments (including hydrothermal and pedogenic); or (3) deep crustal rocks (including hydrothermally altered).

More information, including the call for abstracts, is available on the conference website:

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