July 11-15, 2016 Durham, UK

Abstract Deadline: March 4, 2016

* All presenters may submit up to two abstracts.
* A number of travel bursaries will be awarded.
* Prizes will be awarded for outstanding student research presentations.

Please consider submitting full research articles presenting relevant and compelling new research to the GCA thematic volume “Highly Siderophile Element [and closely-related] Constraints on Low- and High-Temperature Earth and Planetary Processes”.

Be sure to register quickly to secure a place on the workshop’s field trip to the Scottish Isle of Rum.

As part of this meeting, the workshop’s keynote will present an engaging public talk on Monday July 11th.

To limit emails, future notices concerning this workshop and GCA thematic volume will appear, primarily, on our social media. Follow @HSEDurham and/or become a member of our Facebook page.

The Organising Committee:

Amy Riches, Chris Dale, Geoff Nowell, Chris Ottley, Pierre Bouilhol, Edward Inglis, Fienke Nanne, Kathi Schweitzer, Paul Savage (soon to be U. of St. Andrews), Marc-Alban Millet (soon to be U. of Cardiff), Kevin Burton, Dave Selby, and Helen M. Williams (soon to be U. of Cambridge).