Announcing the 2016 NASA Planetary Volcanology Workshop

Announcing the 2016 NASA Planetary Volcanology Workshop
July 12-19, Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai‘i:

Analogs to Volcanic Features and Processes in Satellite and Rover Images

This field workshop is sponsored by NASA, and will be based on Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai‘i.  We will study volcanic features analogous to those on Mars that have been imaged recently by MOC, THEMIS, HRSC, HiRISE, and the MER and MSL rovers, comparing their field appearance to their appearance in remotely-sensed images.  Volcanic features amenable to such study include lava flows, eruptive vents, pit craters, and faults.  Volcano-sedimentary features include gully-wash and landslide deposits of both primary volcanic material (ash) and lava debris.  The workshop will be almost exclusively field-based, with excursions (by vehicle and by foot) to locations on Kīlauea and Mauna Loa that are particularly instructive with regard to their value as Mars analogs. We emphasize that this is a field workshop, and there will be some long (perhaps rainy and/or hot) hikes – please be prepared!

This workshop is intended for NASA-funded senior graduate students who already have a background in volcanology and are currently working on Mars volcanology problems, but are in need of field experience on real volcanoes.  All expenses, including travel, will be covered, although it will be done on a reimbursement basis.  Please note that although US citizenship is not required, all applicants MUST be students at, or employees of, a U.S. University or Institution, AND their current study or work must be funded by a NASA planetary research program.  Because space is limited, preference will be given to Graduate Students, but Post-Docs may also be accepted.  Previous Planetary Volcanology Workshop participants cannot be considered.

To apply, please send electronically to the address below: 1) a letter (not to exceed 1 page) stating the reasons why this workshop would benefit you in your current and/or future research – please be specific; 2) a current resume, also not to exceed 1 page; 3) contact information including e-mail address, phone number, and mailing address; and 4) a letter of reference from your advisor or employer, also not to exceed 1 page, stating your capabilities, how these capabilities would be improved by attendance at this workshop (please be specific), and certifying that you are indeed currently funded by  NASA to conduct planetary research.

Send all material by April 20, 2016 to:  Sarah Fagents: [email protected]

Selection will be based on the following:

– Clear indication of current Mars volcanology research
– Clear indication of background knowledge of volcanology combined with a need for field experience

Questions?  Please contact Sarah Fagents:  (808) 956-3163; [email protected] or see: