MSFC Planetary Sciences Position Now Open

Research AST, Planetary Studies

Serves as a Planetary Research Scientist conducting geological and related investigations of earth and other celestial bodies. Investigations include the testing and development of theories through models, experiments, and observations, conducted in the field, laboratory, or via analysis of remotely sensed data from space-based missions. Uses extensive knowledge in petrology/geochemistry, geochronology, and/or geophysics to conduct research on the origins, composition, and evolution of planetary bodies. Communicates across a multitude of discipline areas to convey lunar and planetary science goals and objectives with the organization, between NASA Centers, and in the planetary science community, nationally as well as internationally. Duties also include monitoring contractors engaged in this work.

The MSFC Planetary Sciences position is now open and accessible here:

The listing will close on May 3, 2016.

Please continue to direct questions to:

Dr. Barbara Cohen, MSFC Planetary Sciences,, 256-961-7566.
and Michael Goodman, MSFC Science Research Office deputy manager,, 256-961-7890