Job Opportunity: Planetary Interior Structure and Dynamics Scientist

Job ID #2016-6584

For full information:

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory invites applications for a full-time position in interior structure and dynamics of planets and satellites. The applicant will join a broad-based team of scientists and engineers to advance JPL’s Planetary Science research that excels in applying remote sensing data, in-situ measurements and state of the art models to planetary geophysics. Determining the interior structure and dynamics of planets, moons, and small objects is key to better understanding of the formation and differentiation of Sola r System objects. The scientific scope of interest for this position is broad, but candidates should have demonstrated expertise in one of the following areas: Modeling of signal propagation in solid bodies and
atmospheres, with applications, for example, to icy satellites, Mars, Venus, and giant planets; Processing of geophysical data, in particular seismic signals, over a broad range of frequencies; Material mechanical properties and their dependence on several parameters including
pressure, temperature and forcing frequency; and/or Modeling of planetary internal processes. The selected applicant is expected to participate in or lead science definition and advancement of new science, technology, and mission proposals.

Applications will be reviewed as they are received.