We invite you to the “Ices in the Solar System” workshop at the European Space Astronomy Centre near Madrid, Spain. The workshop will be organised in January 2017. The duration of the meeting will be 3 to 4 days, no registration fees are expected.


The latest advances in experimental research to support the interpretation of remote sensing observations on current and future missions observing the surfaces of icy bodies will be reviewed. The weathering of ices across the Solar System, in particular under
plasma and dust bombardment in the magnetospheres of Gas Giants like Jupiter and Saturn, will be an important theme. Finally, the Rosetta mission has been continuing the examination of the distribution and role played by amorphous and/or crystalline ices in small bodies. The ability of different types of ices to trapย chemical tracers is fundamental to constraining evolutionary models of the Solar System.

This workshop will revolve around the following main themes:
* Volatiles in ices
* Surface-Ice chemistry
* Geology of icy bodies
* Laboratory analogs
* Ices within the current snowline

The LOC, Sebastien Besse, Nicolas Altobelli, Claire Vallat