Earth Life Science Institute (ELSI) at Tokyo Institute of Technology invites applications for ELSI Research Scientist positions. We are offering up to 5 positions in this recruitment.

ELSI aims to answer the fundamental questions of how the Earth was formed, how life originated in the environment of early Earth, and how this life evolved into complexity. ELSI pursues these questions by studying the “origin and evolution of life” and the “origin and
evolution of the Earth” through an interdisciplinary collaboration between the fields of Earth, Life, and Planetary Sciences. By understanding the early Earth context we work to establish a greater understanding of the likelihood of life throughout the universe.

ELSI seeks talented, highly motivated individuals who pursue original research and actively engage in cross-disciplinary discussions and synergistic research projects. ELSI is a truly integrative institute, with a genuine commitment to bridging diverse disciplines.

The appointment will be for 3 years, with a possible extension to 5 based on performance and the direction of ELSI. Candidates must hold a PhD from an accredited institution in a field relevant to ELSI’s research at the time of appointment.

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