SBAG Steering Committee candidate solicitation (Small Bodies Assessment Group (SBAG))



Dear SBAG community,

The SBAG (Small Bodies Assessment Group) Steering Committee is composed of members who represent the diverse nature of the small bodies community. The Steering Committee organizes SBAG meetings, drafts and edits findings relating to topics of interest to the small bodies community, and provides input to NASA on topics relating to the science of small bodies, the use of small bodies in support of human space activities, technology relating to the exploration and utilization of small bodies, and planetary defense. Each member serves a multi-year term. There are three positions open on the SBAG Steering Committee starting in August 2016. We are looking for candidates in the following areas:

* SBAG  Planetary Defense Lead – Serve as a Steering Committee member and lead SBAG activities relating to topics of planetary defense at SBAG meetings and Steering Committee discussions. Three-year term.

* Outer Solar System Small Bodies Expert – Serve as a SBAG Steering Committee member and provide specific expertise on topics and issues related to the science of small bodies in the outer Solar System, to complement the expertise of the continuing Steering Committee members.

The Steering Committee already has specific expertise relating to comets, so this position is intended to be for an expert in KBOs, Jupiter Trojans, small moons of the outer planets, and/or Centaurs. Three-year term.

* Member with any expertise relevant to SBAG – The Steering Committee tries to maintain expertise in several specific areas, including those mentioned above, but also wants to represent a broad cross-section of the small bodies community, and seeks potential members who are interested in small bodies topics, regardless of specific expertise. The intent of describing this position this way is to encourage potential candidates from across the community (candidates for the first two positions will automatically be considered as well). Three-year term.

To indicate your willingness to serve in any of these positions, please email Tim Swindle ([email protected]) by June 23, 2016, and include a two- to four-page CV.

The current Steering Committee will select new members at the 15th Meeting of SBAG, June 28-30, 2016.

Tim Swindle
Incoming SBAG Chair