NExSS-Astrobiology Exoplanet Biosignatures Workshop Without Walls

Exoplanet Biosignatures Workshop Without Walls

A NExSS & NASA Astrobiology Program Joint Workshop
Pre-workshop online activities to commence: June 13, 2016
In-person workshop (and online broadcast): July 27 – 29, 2016, Seattle, WA

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Pre-workshop online activities to review the State of the Science of remotely detectable biosignatures will commence June 13, 2016 and continue through July 15, 2016. These will be a series of three pairs of videoconference sessions to cover the science since the review by DesMarais et al. (2002) Astrobiology 2(2):153-181. Sessions will be devoted to atmospheric biosignatures, surface biosignatures, and observational technologies. Participants will contribute to compiling an up-to-date review in preparation for a white paper and the 3-day meeting in Seattle, July 27-29, 2016.

NExSS Biosignatures Workshop Proposal-2016