White Paper on the Value of Participating Science Programs on NASA Planetary Missions

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Assessment/Advisory Groups (OPAG, MEPAG, VEXAG, SBAG, LEAG and CAPTEM), we are preparing a white paper about the value of Participating Science programs on NASA planetary missions, and how the usefulness of such programs might be maximized. This white paper will be delivered to NASA and made available to the scientific community.

To help with the study, we have prepared a survey to gather opinions and perceptions about Participating Scientist programs and experiences.

(Please note, we consider Guest Investigators and Interdisciplinary Scientists to also be a type of Participating Scientist). Please consider responding to this survey whether or not you have been a Participating Scientist on a NASA mission. We will be contacting mission Principle Investigators and Project Scientists separately about their experiences, but all are welcome to fill out this survey; please answer as many or as few questions as you wish.


If you have any questions about the survey or the white paper, please
contact [email protected].