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We cordially invite you to attend a face-to-face meeting of the Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG), scheduled for 2 days, August 11–12, 2016, in Flagstaff, AZ.

These are exciting times for OPAG, with Juno’s arrival at Jupiter, the F ring and Grand Finale orbits of Cassini, Europa Clipper in Phase A, Science Definition Teams (SDT) underway for a Europa Lander mission and an Ice Giants Flagship, ESA JUICE mission in development, New-Frontiers 4 including Saturn Probes and Ocean Worlds (Enceladus and Titan), and new Earth-based telescopic possibilities. We will hear updates on all of these projects, plus a presentation on the Decadal Survey by Larry Soderblom, a summary on the work of the Roadmaps to Ocean Worlds (ROW), and updates about the Space Launch System, Participating Scientists study, PDS plans for future missions of interest to the OPAG community, MAPSIT, planetary volcanology, NASA education and communications, radioactive power systems, and of course, R&A.
We will also introduce 6 new members of the OPAG steering committee: Kunio Sayanagi, Carol Paty, Terry Hurford, Jeff Bowman, Amanda Hendrix, Scott Edgington

Given the full schedule, the meeting will start at 8:00 AM each day.

Registration and information about accommodations is available here: http://www.cvent.com/d/3vqnfc or via http://www.lpi.usra.edu/opag/

The meeting is open to all members of the planetary science community, including our international colleagues.

Poster presentations on technology developments: If you want to present a Technology poster, particularly if relevant to Ocean Worlds or Ice Giants, please send title and authors to Pat Beauchamp, [email protected] and prepare a 1-2 slide ‘advertisement’ for the poster.
We will also broadcast the meeting via Adobe Connect or WebEx for those who cannot attend in person.

We look forward to seeing you in Flagstaff!