2016 AGU Session EP024: Linking Sediment Transport and Geophysical Flows to Planetary Surface Evolution




Session ID:ย 13536

We invite contributions to session EP024 at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. The session is cross-listed with Planetary Sciences.

Planetary missions over the past decade have revealed that while planetary bodies across the solar system differ greatly in surface conditions, their landscapes share some striking similarities to those on Earth. Understanding the feedbacks between how geophysical flows and sediment transport processes affect landscape evolution is necessary for constraining the current and past climatic conditions of planetary surfaces. We invite contributions from research exploring these interplays using remote sensing data from surface or orbital missions, numerical modeling, laboratory experiments, Earth analog studies, or some combination thereof.ย We expect that a joint session between the Planetary Sciences Section and the Earth and Planetary Surface Processes Focus Group will foster collaborations between those working to understand how geophysical flows and sediment fluxes modify our own planet’s surface under changing climates and those working to understand how surface processes behave in places with vastly different conditions and constraints from our own.

Invited Speakers: Edwin Kite (University of Chicago) and Tjalling de Haas (Utrecht University)

Conveners: Marisa Palucis, Alexander Morgan and Orkan Umurhan