Dear colleagues,

We remind you about the Special Issue on “Space Weather at the Terrestrial Planets” in the Planetary and Space Science journal, whose submission deadline is October 1st 2016.

The covered topics will include all aspects of planetary plasma physics and interactions in the inner Solar System, e.g.:

(a) magnetospheres, ionospheres, auroras
(b) the solar wind interaction with planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars) and their moons, or with asteroids / comets
(c) plasma interactions with exospheres, dust and surfaces
(d) intercomparisons of planetary environments

Contributions that address previous, present, forthcoming and planned observations from space, as well as ground-based observations, theoretical modelling or simulations are welcome. Laboratory studies on planetary analogues aiming to simulate the surface-plasma interaction will be considered as well.

Regular papers are expected, and the usual refereeing process will be applied for publication in PSS. To ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the special issue, it is important that authors select the name of the special issue when they upload their manuscripts: “Planetary space weather.”

Best regards,
A. Milillo, A. Radioti, P. Garnier and N. Ganushkina