A multitude of spacecraft missions have greatly advanced our understanding of the Martian polar regions over the past two decades. As such, the Sixth International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration was the latest in a series of meetings intended to promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas between planetary and terrestrial scientists interested in Mars polar and climate research.

The Scientific Organizing Committee is organizing a special issue of Icarus related to Mars Polar research, particularly in the fields of polar geology, glaciology, climate record, atmospheric dynamics, terrestrial analogs, ground ice, geochemistry, and Mars polar surface activity. In recognition of the broad scope, interdisciplinary nature, and strong international interest in this topic, we welcome the participation of any interested scientist with relevant theoretical, experimental, or field experience. This special issue is open to all interested authors with Mars Polar related research to publish, whether they attended the conference or not.
We will happily accept notices of intent (NOIs) from prospective authors.

Topics of interest include, but are NOT limited to:
• Analyses of the polar layered deposits structure and searches for climate signals contained therein.
• Observations and modeling of the polar atmosphere, including the seasonal and secular deposition (or ablation) of volatiles.
• Studies of active surface processes in the polar regions or with implications for the polar regions, including diurnal and seasonal processes.
• Characterization of the volatile (H2O or CO2) budget and distribution on Mars, including low or mid-latitudes.
• Experiments or observations of ice physics, including the optical properties and rheology of H2O or CO2.
• Terrestrial analog studies, laboratory experiments, or future mission concepts that support Martian polar science.
Submission Format:
The submitted papers must be written in English and describe original research which is not published nor currently under review by other journals or conferences. Author guidelines for preparation of manuscript can be found at
For more information, please contact the editorial office at [email protected]
Guest Editors:
Any questions on NOIs can be addressed to the guest editors:
Adrian Brown, SETI Institute, [email protected]
Michael Sori, University of Arizona, [email protected]
Important Dates:
Paper submission Deadline: February 1, 2017
Acceptance notification: As accepted and before August 1, 2017
Individual papers will be published online by Icarus as soon as they are accepted and will be assigned a DOI at that time.
Final Publication of Special Issue: Fall 2017
Submission Guidelines:
Manuscripts and any supplementary material should be submitted through EVISE The authors must select “Mars Polar Science VI” when they reach the “Article Type” step in the submission process. The EVISE website is located at