Working Group on Finding Signs of Past Rock-Hosted Life

Motivated by the suite of habitable environments available to Mars-2020 for in situ exploration and sample collection, we are convening a set of 4 web-hosted telecons, open to the community. For those wishing to help make a presentation and peer-reviewed publication, there will also be an in-person gathering February 6-7 at Caltech. Seeย

Martian Environments, Facies, and Ages: Evidence for Rock-Hosted Waters
What is the evidence for ancient Mars environmental conditions? What is the likelihood of habitats for rock-hosted life?

This talk will be either 8:30am December 9 or December 19th. Pencil in (no newsletter in between the closing of Doodle poll!) and check out the website Wednesday 12/7 for date and dial in information.