Planetary and Space Science Special Issue

Now that everybody is rested and ready after the LPSC deadline!

Special Issue Title
LRO – Seven Years
Guest Editors

Mark Robinson, Arizona State University

Jürgen Oberst, German Aerospace Center

The goal of the Planetary and Space Sciences special issue is to bring together new exciting science results from integrated LRO results and how these results feed forward to future mission concepts. We expect fifteen or more science papers and five or more mission concept papers.

Analysis of LRO datasets (combined with results from other recent and historic missions) are reshaping our view of the Moon from the core, to the surface, and out into cis-lunar space. ESA has recently proposed a “Moon Village” while NASA and other international space agencies are planning new lunar missions. Many new lunar resource relevant discoveries as well as science discoveries are showing the value of the Moon as major exploration target. There is a need to gather science and exploration results in one volume to encourage the science and engineering communities to better communicate goals and objectives that will lay the ground work for future mission planning in the current Moon to Mars paradigm.

So the time is right to for this special issue, and Planetary and Space Sciences is the best venue to encourage international participation!

Deadline for submission is 1 February 2017

The submission website is: