Jupiterโ€™s satellite Europa is a priority target for a NASA Flagship Mission. Observations with Hubble show evidence for gaseous plumes suggestive of outgassing from the sub-crustal ocean. There is high scientific importance in learning more about potential Europa plumes, their properties and locations.ย  At the same time, HST observing time is a precious resource, and in prior observations the duty cycle of detections has been low.

The STScI Director has constituted a committee to provide advice on how Hubble can best support planning for a future mission.ย  One task of the committee is to recommend an approach that appropriately balances the science priorities against the resource requirements.

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At this time, the Advisory Committee is soliciting input from the community with regard to optimizing Hubble observations of Europa. That input may be relevant to any aspect of planning, scheduling and executing observations, including suggestions for coordinating Hubble programs with observations that might use other facilities. Contributors should indicate whether their submission can be made available to the broader community. The committee will maintain full confidentiality if such is requested. Input should be submitted by e-mail to [email protected].

The deadline for receiving materials is February 10, 2017.