Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Planetary Geological Processes, Brown University

Brown University: Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences.
Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Planetary Geological Processes.

Brown University will will soon be formally inviting applications for this position.  Candidates with interests in the following areas will be encouraged to apply: the chemistry and mineralogy of early planetary processes, weathering and alteration processes of different environments, evolution of the Earth-Moon system, processes associated with the interaction of water and solar system materials, quantitative geomorphology of planetary processes, the geologic record of climate changes on planets, chronology and early history of the planets, astrobiological implications of planetary evolution processes, and interactions of the crust of planets with the atmosphere and space environments. The search will be finalized in the coming academic year. (http://www.geo.brown.edu/; http://www.planetary.brown.edu/)

For further information, please contact Professor James Head ([email protected]).