New MEPAG Goals Committee Chair

Mars community members,

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Don Banfield (Cornell University) has agreed to serve as the next MEPAG Goals Committee Chair. Dr. Banfield is an atmospheric scientist, who has studied the giant planets and Mars from both remote sensing and in situ perspectives. He has been associated with the Voyager flyby of Neptune, Galileo at Jupiter, and the MER Rovers; was a Participating Scientist for Mars Polar Lander and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter; and is a Co-I on InSight. He succeeds Dr. Victoria Hamilton (Southwest Research Institution), who we deeply thank for the years of service that resulted in two MEPAG Goals Document revisions (2012 and 2015).

The full listing of MEPAG Goals Committee members can be found at

Thank you,

Dr. Jeffrey R. Johnson

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