2017 NASA Fundamental Physics Workshop

Date: May 31-June 2, 2017
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Abstract Deadline: April 30, 2017

The workshop will provide a forum for NASA fundamental physics investigators to present results and discuss research ideas for future space experimentation with interested international and US colleagues in the areas of Atomic and Molecular Physics (DAMOP community), Fundamental Forces and Symmetries, Dusty Plasma Physics, and Condensed
Matter Physics. Specific sessions will be organized to discuss status and planned science capabilities of the Cold Atom Laboratory slated for launch in 2017, the Bose-Einstein Condensate Cold Atom Laboratory (BECCAL) follow-on activity under joint development with Germany (DLR), including results from the recent DLR MAIUS rocket flight, and investigation plans by scientists using ESA’s Plasma Kristall-4 ISS facility and CNES’ DECLIC-ALI-R ISS facility insert.

During the workshop, NASA/JPL will discuss plans for engaging the BECCAL U.S. science community through a regular investigator solicitation and also through the selection of Science Definition Team members during the BECCAL early formulation activities. Also, discussions will be held regarding collaborations with NSF and CASIS, the ISS US National Laboratory manager.

Detailed registration, program, and venue information at: http://icpi.nasaprs.com/fpw2017