Findings from OPAG posted

OPAG BannerFindings from the Outer Planets Assessment Group steering committee following the winter 2017 meeting in Atlanta have been posted at  There are finding about: 1. Europa Lander, 2. Europa Clipper, 3. New Frontiers, 4. Ice Giant mission study, 5. Juno mission, 6. Workforce inclusivity and diversity, 7. Roadmaps to Ocean Worlds (ROW), 8. R&A wording regarding mission and DAP funding conflicts, 9. Participating Scientist study, 10. Mid-Decadal review, 11. Decadal Survey satatement of tasks, 12. Legacy of Cassini and CDAP, 13. Outer Planets technology, and 14. Planetary Advisory Committee membership.

The next OPAG meeting will be September 6-7, 2017, in La Jolla, CA, hosted by Scripps Institute of Oceanography.  There will also be several town halls of interest at LPSC, about Europa Lander, Ice Giants, and ROW (see

OPAG now has a Deputy Cahir: Dr. Linda Spilker (JPL).  Welcome Linda!