Save the Date – VEXAG Meeting #15 โ€“ Tuesday-Thursday, November 14-16, 2017, Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland

Venus Exploration Analysis Group (VEXAG) Meeting #15 will be held on Tuesday-Thursday, November 14-16, 2017, at the Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland

Current plans are:
Tuesday โ€“ November 14, 2017 โ€“ NASA and Mission Reports
Wednesday โ€“ November 15, 2017 โ€“Venus Science and Technology Reports
Thursday โ€“ November 16, 2017 โ€“ VEXAG Activities (adjourn at mid-day)

If youโ€™ll be attending in person and havenโ€™t done so already, please enter your name on the Meeting Registration /Intent to Attend Form on the VEXAG Web-Site: on/before October 29st. Look for a one-page abstract call in the summer.

On behalf of Bob Grimm and Marty Gilmore VEXAG Chair and Deputy Chair