Postdoctoral Researcher at Arizona State University

The NSF-funded SIMS facility at Arizona State University (ASU) is seeking a Postdoctoral researcher to start in August 2017. This position is in the laboratory of Dr. Maitrayee Bose, a new Assistant Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE), who will oversee the NanoSIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) instrument at ASU. She investigates the isotopic properties of dust grains and organics formed in stellar and nebular environments. She also studies the volatile component of tiny grains, including samples from asteroid Itokawa. Details of research projects will be discussed in person, but will involve use and development of high resolution isotopic measurements using the NanoSIMS.

Prior analytical experience with SIMS/NanoSIMS instrumentation is required, but familiarity with the specific research involved is not a prerequisite. The successful candidate should have a PhD before Aug 2017 in a relevant field (e.g. geology, physics, materials physics, solid state chemistry) and should have a track record of publication in peer-reviewed international journals, together with good communication skills for presenting results at international meetings.

Candidates interested in the above position should contact Maitrayee Bose ( or 480-965-4244) as soon as possible.