NASA FDL Application Extension

development labFDL 2017: Application Extension

Dear FDL community members,

We’re happy to announce two further project teams slated for FDL this year.

In light of this, we’re still accepting applications until all teams are completed.

For those of you that have already applied – thank you for your hard work and great thinking. We’re conscious that you will be looking to confirm plans for the summer and we will be in touch as soon as our mentor teams have a draft of team compositions.

As a reminder, we’re still looking for experts in:
• Solar Physics
• Planetary Science
• Geophysics (Exogeology)
• and Data Science / Artificial Intelligence
Again, if you could give this news a boost through your networks, then we’d be very appreciative.

Please forward this mail to anyone you think would be interested / and or give FDL a shout out on social media. We will be posting every day over the next week. A simple share or retweet would be much appreciated.


The FDL Team.

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