Proposal of New Book on Martian Volcanism

Dear colleagues,

I’m putting together a proposal for a new specific book on Martian volcanism. I think that time has come for such a book, particularly after the latest discoveries (i.e. volcanic alignments, new volcanic centers in the southern hemisphere, links between volcanism and southern giant impact, tridymite at Gale, and much more).

I have some people who already joined this project but I want to enlarge the number of authors in order to have a final product as much shared as possible within the planetary community. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to contribute with a chapter or more.

So please send me a message (either [email protected] or [email protected]) with your expression of interest and title(s) of chapter(s) that you are willing to contribute. Of course, I’ll be happy to answer all your questions via email. The deadline for the expression of interest is May 31, 2017.

Kind regards

Leone Giovanni